Resources for INFPs

Here are a couple of (my favorite) resources that might be helpful for those with INFP preferences or those seeking to understand the INFP in their life 🙂


Introvert Power by Laurie Helgoe (book)

Quiet by Susan Cain (book)

Creativity/ Ideas/Zen

World Domination Summit (website/event)


Tiny Buddha

Highly Sensitive People (HSP)/Anxiety

The Happy Sensitive (website) and youtube channel

Anxiety Slayer (podcast)

Dealing with the side effects of High Perception (managing distractibility)

ADHD Support Talk Radio (podcast)

Business Brilliance for Entrepreneurs with ADHD (podcast)

ADHD Experts Podcast – much more emphasis on the struggles of kids with ADHD

Miss ADD Talk Show (podcast)

iProcrastinate Podcast


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