In which I find refuge in (the possibility of) adventure

I used to resent my Introverted Feeling. It’s the part of me that holds things in, thinks them over, rethinks them over, mull them over some more and makes some type of judgment about them. I used to see it as the source of melancholy and pessimism about life. It’s funny that people related to me know that every time I start a sentence with “I’ve been thinking”, it’s not going to end well.

Yet, I can’t completely reject it because it’s also the source of my convictions. It’s the part of me that turns the quiet, (seemingly) laid-back person into a crusader, an advocate, a spokesperson. It keeps me pushing and keeps reminding me to “do the right thing”. I just have to remember not to rely on it too much after 9pm.

It’s true. There’s not a lot of positive things that come from (over-) reflecting on things on it. There’s a lot of sighing, a lot of sad, sad music, maybe some tears and some cringe-worthy journaling sessions. I’ve been looking from some relief from this for a while. I think I’ve found it.

Extroverted Intuition. The ability to turn anything into an adventure, to see multiple opportunities in anything and a source of creativity and positive problem-solving. At night, it could be the quest for the perfect song, it could be ideas for new projects or lists of new ways to do old things. Sometimes, these ventures into “happy-land” last a long time and sometimes they don’t. The best thing, though, is that it’s almost meditative. I always come out with a different way to think about the issue(s) I’m working on or dealing with.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, this link about functions may help.


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