The List

One of my favorite blogs is The Minimal Student.Even though, she doesn’t update often, it’s fun to go back through the archives and read all the interesting posts introducing or encouraging young people to consider minimalism. She’ has a bucket list of sorts on her website. It inspired me to write my own.

Before I die…

I want to:

1. write books

2. get a masseuse qualification

3. speak at schools and universities

4. work with an international non-profit

5. work with university students

6. host a dinner party

7. lead a retreat

8. be a contributing writer to a magazine

9. speak at a conference like TED

10. be a guest on a podcast

11. volunteer at an outdoor event

I want to explore…

1. Toronto

2. Vancouver BC

3. Mexico City

4. Seoul

5. Paris

6. San Francisco

7. Mumbai

8. Albuquerque

9. Sidney

10. Dakar

11. Portland

12. Seattle

I want to learn:

1. Spanish

2. Korean

3. Arabic

4. how to ride a bike

5. how to cook

6. how to play guitar

7. how to write a song

8. how to write a story

9. how to give a speech

10. how to paint

11. how to edit videos

12. how to sew a skirt

13. how to knit

I almost got hung up on writing the “perfect list”, worried about missing an item or writing something I would later not want. Then, I reminded myself that this list is revisable.

It’s amazing what happens when you remind yourself that you don’t have to always want what you want now.

Life decisions are revisable. 

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