Universal Insights in Movies: Departures

The best movie I watched on Netflix in 2013 is called Departures. It’s a Japanese movie with subtitles and a beautiful soundtrack. It’s the story of a man who loses his job as a cellist in Tokyo and had to move back to his hometown with his bride, and no prospect of a job. Through a series of circumstances, he finds a job preparing the dead for burial. It’s not something he wanted, not something he was trained for, not even something he had heard about. The whole movie is about him making the best of his situation.
I came away from the movie feeling 2 things:
– First, it reaffirmed my belief that no matter how small our life is, we can make the most of it.
– Second, it helped me gain an appreciation and a desire for treating every job, no matter how menial as a sacred assignment and treating life itself as worthy of reverence.
Plus, it’s one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen, with a beautiful soundtrack.
If you have Netflix, you should definitely put this in your queue. 🙂

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