Extrovert-speak, Networking and Walking the plank

It took reading Laurie Helgoe’s book, Introvert Power, for me to realize how extrovert-oriented our society is, especially when it comes to certain expressions.

For example, something that people have been telling me a lot lately. “Go network. Put yourself out there.” Only, when I hear that, the image I see is that of a plank.

Putting myself out there feels like walking blindfolded onto the ledge while the audience watches from the safety of the ship. 


I guess it’s the fear of the unknown. The uncertainty of the other’s response that every other introvert is familiar with.

What I’ve been doing lately though, is shifting the messaging. Or rather, converting it into introvert-speak.

Putting myself out there? Terrifying. Sharing what I do and why I do it with more and more people? That, I can do.

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