The 3-on-3 Interview (INFP Edition): Jim Grey

A while ago, I reached out to some people around the internet that I’ve grown to admire and respect. Something about them made me want to know more. So, I reached out with 3 questions and demanded…(not really), more like politely asked them to share some words with us. Thankfully, they agreed. For the first round, we’re focusing on INFPs. Partly, because I’m selfish (a little) and also because I’d like to do a service for all those INFPs who may be younger (or not) and wondering what they can do with their talents…or simply wondering if there are other people out there like them. 



I stumbled onto Jim’s blog via one of Penelope Trunk‘s posts about personality tests. Since then, his blog has become a must-read for me. Whether it’s his musings on life, nature and photography with vintage cameras or his perspective on life, Jim manages to captivate us, readers with his storytelling. Here are some of my favorite posts:

Seven things I want my sons to know about making their way

Technical problems can almost always be solved, but people problems are hard

It’s a shame what’s happened to radio

All right, I’ll let Jim take it from here. 

1. What 3 songs would be in the soundtrack of your life?

There are ten thousand songs in that soundtrack. These three come to mind:

2. What are 3 projects (creative or not) that you’d like to undertake before leaving earth?

Something about reaching middle age made me decide to stop dreaming and start doing. So I started a blog and post three times a week (at I have been practicing photography and am getting better with every roll (I still shoot film). And I worked with a small group to build a grassroots organization in my home state, Indiana, that got one of Indiana’s oldest and most historic roads named a Historic Byway by our state government; check us out at

3. What are 3 books that changed your life?

Demian, by Hermann Hessewhich is a story of breaking away from the superficial world to find one of deeper meaning and one that is true to the self. I read it in college, both in English and in German.
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxyby Douglas Adams. a geeky sci-fi comedy romp that let me know it was more than okay to have a geeky sci-fi sense of humor.

Thank you, Jim, for sharing your favorites with us! Hitchhiker’s Guide has been on my list for a while. I will definitely be checking it out. 


Did you enjoy this interview? Have any questions or comments?  Let us know in the comments below.

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