The 3-on-3 Interview (INFP Edition): Kendra Alexander

A while ago, I reached out to some people around the internet that I’ve grown to admire and respect. Something about them made me want to know more. So, I reached out with 3 questions and demanded…(not really), more like politely asked them to share some words with us. Thankfully, they agreed. For the first round, we’re focusing on INFPs. Partly, because I’m selfish (a little) and also because I’d like to do a service for all those INFPs who may be younger (or not) and wondering what they can do with their talents…or simply wondering if there are other people out there like them. 



I remember when I stumbled onto Kendra’s videos. Her video on  career choices  really spoke to me. So, I reached out to her and was glad when she said yes to taking part in the interview series. Kendra Alexander is a youtuber who’s also a singer-songwriter (and fellow French speaker 🙂 ). Seriously, you have to check out her music. So good.

Take it away, Kendra. 

1. What 3 songs would be in the soundtrack of your life?

The Pixies “Where is My Mind” for my younger, crazier years
Ida Maria “Keep Me Warm” for my depressive struggles in college
This Will Destroy You “The Mighty Rio Grande” for adventures and hope looking towards the future.

2. What are 3 projects (creative or not) that you’d like to undertake before leaving earth?

– I want to publish a novel (in progress)
– I want to go on the road playing live music
– I want to hike a major trail over the course of several weeks or months, such as the Appalachian

3. What are 3 books that changed your life?

Stephen Chbosky “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”
Ayn Rand “The Fountainhead”
Cheryl Strayed “Wild (From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail)”

Thank you so much for sharing your words with us, Kendra! I can’t wait to read your novel when it’s done 🙂


Did you enjoy this interview? Questions or comments?  Let us know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “The 3-on-3 Interview (INFP Edition): Kendra Alexander

    • I’m so glad you like these. And if you’re interested…we can make something happen for sure 😉 I’ll be in touch.

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