INFPs Discuss: Things We Like (in theory)

This post is brought to you by the number 6. Let’s rise and do something today. 

Today’s post is a kind of fun one. Adey joins me again for a conversation about Idealism vs Reality. We listed things we like…in theory. I’m pretty sure other INFPS/Introverts/Idealists will relate very much to this one.

Mak: I always imagine having a whole group of friends. [The truth is, I disappear in large groups.]

Look at this group. Don't they look cozy?
Look at this group. Don’t they look cozy?

Adey: In theory, a minimalistic way of life, free of clutter in one’s way of life, dresser tops and mentality, sounds so healthy. [In actuality, while I enjoy having certain surfaces clear and have my weird organizational specifications, I like a bit of cozy clutter. I certainly couldn’t live in a that cliche of a minimalist living space: black & white with hardly any decor. I like my brights & knick knacks, in moderation.]

Mak: I like the idea of a capsule wardrobe. [In reality, I like having multiple options for each occasion.]

Adey: In theory, a strictly vegan diet sounds like the pinnacle of healthy and humane eating. [As I’ve said, I could be vegan if it wasn’t for cheese and bacon. Or a variation of that saying, I could be a vegan that eats cheese and bacon! Would that count? The answer to that is NO. In reality, there are certain things that I would like to cut out of my diet–white flour and factory-farmed meat (this woman’s position rings true with me) are two items that come to mind. But a more realistic option for me is a balanced diet heavy on the veggies, fruits & whole grains…with moderate allowances for good meat and dairy. I grew up with a love of kitfo so I can appreciate some red meat. But for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, I’m currently a fan of Dr. Andrew Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid and other diets that allow some space for variety]

Mak: Watching Youtube beauty gurus makes me feel like I can spend an hour and look great every morning before heading out. [Truth is, I like hitting the snooze button more than picking up a makeup brush.]

Adey: In theory, owning a unique, multi-room home with a backyard garden, a spacious kitchen and room for family and friends sounds wonderful. [My now Pinterest-fueled daydream is slapped silly by the reality of home-ownership. I’ve seen the work that can go into furnishing and maintaining a larger house not to mention all the financial steps required to actually purchase one. While I still want to own a home one day, the dreaminess of this idea has been tamed by visions of having to worry about wood floor or carpeting installation, energy bills, weeding a huge garden and actually cleaning all the clutter-drawing corners of that spacious kitchen.]

Oooh…look at this kitchen…oooh

Mak: I fantasize about weekends packed with activities, things to do, places to be, people to see. [However, nothing thrills me more than a plan-free weekend :)]

Adey’s note on above comment:  I totally co-sign this one. I think my ideal is something in between, maybe a Saturday full of activity that provides that needed fun & stress relief but a Sunday that provides that needed downtime and quiet meditative time.

Adey: In theory, I like the idea of having a flock of children. 

[In reality, children are HARD WORK. And I like my space. And my quiet. Not to mention, the sleepless nights that come with newborns. What?! Anyone who knows me understands how I feel about my sleep.

And while I enjoy the idea of intimacy between siblings close in age, having “two under two” can sound like an endurance challenge on a reality show. Dealing with that much baby drool and diapers deserves a prize.

Coming from a family that has at least 10 cousins in each generation and recently experienced a baby boom with around 8 children under the age of 5, I’ve seen it all first-hand.]

A flock of children, always cute..when they're not yours
A flock of children, always cute..when they’re not yours

Mak: Multi-Tasking: Sounds like a great idea! [….in theory]

Adey: In theory, taking out a beautiful pile of library books is exciting and full of potential. [In reality, I’m that person that never finishes the pile before the due dates and constantly has a stack of unread books by my bedside. Sound familiar, Mak? I really like your idea of gleaning main ideas from each book rather than dragging yourself through the entire thing and not retaining much, or not even finishing the book before you learn anything. My current solution includes choosing wisely, limiting the number of books I have on my plate and trying to read each one with intention. We’ll see how that goes.]

Notes on comment above:  Mak: DITTO!!! Adey: HAHAHA

Did you enjoy this one? Tell us, what do you like but only in theory?

Editor’s Note: Adey finally gave me permission to let you know about her online haunts: 1.) Pinterest where you can check out other things Adey likes in theory, 2.) Her fledgling (her words, not mine) blog where she writes about Food, Love and Life. Quick, go check it out and tell her how much you love it and hope she writes more.

Photo Sources: Friends, Kitchen, Children

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