The 3-on-3 Interview (INFP Edition): Suzannah Danae

A while ago, I reached out to some people around the internet that I’ve grown to admire and respect. Something about them made me want to know more. So, I reached out with 3 questions and demanded…(not really), more like politely asked them to share some words with us. Thankfully, they agreed. For the first round, we’re focusing on INFPs. Partly, because I’m selfish (a little) and also because I’d like to do a service for all those INFPs who may be younger (or not) and wondering what they can do with their talents…or simply wondering if there are other people out there like them. 

There will be links galore! Resist the temptation to click on all of them before you finish reading the interview 😉



Suzannah Danae is a multi-media artist, Etsy shop owner, blogger and all-around cool girl. I first stumbled on the Tumblr she moderates with her best friend and I had to know more. When I read her interview she did with Shauntelle Hamlett (so insightful!), I had to reach out. Now, we’re practically blogger friends (Thank  you, Internet!). Today, she’s sharing her list of 3. I can’t wait for you to read it.

Okay,  here  it is. 

1. What 3 songs would be in the soundtrack of your life?

The first would be the theme to Jurassic Park,  as funny as it may be to put that, I definitely can say that the theme is the song of my youth…I revisit it often when I need inspiration, it brings back strong feelings of nostalgia and inspires me…I usually cry, haha…The first time I saw that movie I knew what I wanted to be for the rest of my life, a storyteller. 

The second song I most identified with when I got out of school and went into my college years definitely included the song “Drive you home” by Garbage….That song got me through a whole lot of depression.
For the past couple of years, I’ve really loved and identified with the song “All the Wild Horses” by Ray Lamontagne…It reminds me of my grandmother and it reminds me to never let anyone “Tether me down”.

2. What are 3 projects (creative or not) that you’d like to undertake before leaving earth?

Oh gosh…So many…to narrow it down would be crazy impossible but I will try.
I’d like to make a project that honors my favorite poet and my muse, Rainer Maria Rilke…Whether it be a film about him and his life or using his poetry in some form in another film. I haven’t figured out all the details, I’m hoping I’ll have a long enough life to think it through and do him justice…I would never want anything more.

Another thing I’ve been aspiring to do but haven’t yet is write a musical for the stage…My hero and idol is Gene Kelly, my first dream in life was to be a Broadway actress and dancer just like him…Though that dream was crushed early on, it lives on in my hobbies of singing and collaborating with my composer friend on songs. I don’t talk about it much because I  don’t love music as much as a real musician or composer does… I’d never take that as one of my “talents” or serious interests… but I do love to sing and I love to interpret songs and plays with my voice and acting…I’d kill to go back in life and do it all over so that I could accomplish this dream of musicals.

I have a certain film and script that has been in my head for about three years…It is basically exploring the psyche and various aspects of humanity and how we make choices in the form of three different characters all experiencing the same situation but dealing with it differently. I’ve been working diligently on the screenplay on and off for a year now and the actual film has become to the stage where it is ready to be storyboarded and pre-visualized…I am hoping and praying I can finish this film as soon as possible…I aspire to make films that invade your personal space and make you think about everything you’re avoiding, those, in my opinion, are the greatest.

3. What are 3 books that changed your life?

1. The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
As a kid I had a lot of trouble learning to read, this book inspired me to keep reading and I read it several times over until I almost knew it by heart.

2. White Oleander
I chose this book for a college assignment and cried the entire way through it. I would die to be able to write as visually and emotionally delicious as Janet Fitch.

3. Selected Works of Rainer Maria Rilke
Found Rilke by accident, pasting a un-marked quote from tumblr into google. After I read the entire poem that the lines were from, I related so much to his writing it actually scared me….Then, I fell in the deepest and most adoring love I’ve
ever experienced for a writer…He literally stole my heart, I’ll never love another. I bought this book and have devoured every word of it over and over again like a feast…It feeds my heart and soul and revives my spirit. I have to eventually get a new copy
because I literally read one poem every night before I go to bed and my paperback is decaying

Thanks so much for your words, Su! I can’t wait to see your film when it’s complete. I’ll be tracking down Rainer M. Rilker’s books down for a look-see. 


Did you enjoy this interview? Have any questions or comments?  Let us know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “The 3-on-3 Interview (INFP Edition): Suzannah Danae

  1. Cool idea for an interview series. Looking forward to meeting other INFPs. I first took the MBTI @ 30 years ago and it’s great that today there are so many ways to connect with other INFPs in cyberspace.

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